About Us

GREY MATTER, a social space for digital natives, was established to inspire creative collaboration and recreation in its most dynamic form through events and activities that cater to varying interests.

The versatility of the space also makes room for patrons to create their independent outlets for entertainment; while maintaining a sense of exclusivity.


To build a top-tier social house and private membership spot in Lagos that is inclusive, stimulating and impactful while maintaining a good level of personal service and meeting the ever-changing demands of hospitality.


The melting pot for creative expressions, social interactions and exquisite indulgences.

One of the hidden treasures of Victoria Island.

Grace Samuel

Super nice bar. The exact way a bar is supposed to be.

Taslim Oseni

I was surrounded by art. I found the place intriguing, and the food was classy and affordable.

David Onyendi

Nice Ambience Good food. Ideal space for hang out with friends

Jeffery Ononiwu

Nice scenery. Great place to go on a date.

Chioma Omenuko

Very lovely place to chill. Drinks,food,and relaxation Loved the game Room on the first floor too

Samuel kreed Chiemela

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Built for those who push the boundaries of their talent and make impact in an understated manner.


Laurent Fine dining,
107 Duncan Avenue, New York
Open: 09:00 am – 01:00 pm